Premium kit bags for professional makeup artists

Premium makeup kit bags for professional makeup artists

PROMA KIT® launches with an ingenious compact 'six section' makeup bag to keep cosmetic pencils and mascaras neatly organised and properly protected.


*This item is sold empty, cosmetic contents are shown for display purposes only




Loved by professional makeup artists the world over. This clear cosmetic bag is the ideal storage solution to keep cosmetic pencils and mascaras neatly organised on set, and securely protected in makeup kits.

Perfect for:

  • Eyeliners
  • Lip liners
  • Mascaras

Constructed from premium materials, this bag has been built to withstand regular use and transportation. Whilst it has been designed and developed with pro-makeup artists in mind, it would also suit other artists, makeup enthusiasts and beauty bloggers.

Care: wipe clean only

Product dimensions: 135 x 100 x 128mm

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Special Features

Proma Kit Special Features Robust


Made with durable PVC and black polyester bindings, this bag has been constructed to endure regular use and handling 

Proma Kit Special Features Protective


Sized and shaped to specifically fit cosmetic pencils and mascaras. This bag fittingly stores your items to minimise damage during transportation 

Proma Kit Special Features Strong Zips

Strong Zips

Bag fittings include two sturdy YKK zippers that are designed to withstand regular usage and last over time 

Proma Kit Special Features Simple


Our bags have been designed in a minimal style, with no un-necessary extras that could hinder your work 

Proma Kit Special Features Organised


The removable six section PVC divider allows you to categorise your products and store them in an upright position, for quick viewing and product selection

Proma Kit Special Features Compact


The ingenious lid fastens back out of the way and stays in place with two sturdy poppers, allowing you swift and easy access to your products. A velcro strip holds the lid down securely in place when the bag is not in use 

Proma Kit Special Features Discreet


Subtle branding prevents sponsorship clashes whilst on set and working backstage

Proma Kit Special Features Hygienic


PVC materials allow you to keep your bag clean by using a damp cloth to wipe over the surfaces

Proma Kit Special Features Instant


Clear sides allow you to view and quickly access your products meaning no time is wasted looking for specific items 




"These bags became instantly invaluable. I couldn't imagine going back, it fills me with dread in fact! They give me huge pleasure as I can now set up and pack down with such ease. They are superior products that have improved my work life significantly."

Niamh Quinn - Fashion, advertising and celebrity makeup artist
LGA Management


"Proma Kit bags are a makeup pros dream as they make accessing and finding products easy and protect them from being damaged. An absolutely genius idea and must have product!"

Lee Pycroft - Celebrity, TV, fashion and advertising makeup artist


"The most compact organiser I own – my lip liners and eye pencils are no longer lost in a bag with lids off, this is an onset must have."

Liz Martins - Fashion, celebrity, music and TV makeup artist
Eighteen Management


PROMA KIT® are proud to launch with their bestselling ‘six section bag’ that has fast become known as an invaulable kit essential for all working makeup artists.

PROMA KIT® plan to expand their range of innovative bags and cosmetic accessories later this year. Products that have been specifically designed to improve the flow of work, enabling makeup artists more time to excel and reach their full artistry potential.


More exciting PROMA KIT® products coming later this year...

Proma Kit palette bag for professional makeup artists

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